BuzzFeed: 14 insanely specific demi lovato reaction GIFs (more here)

Everyday brings new opportunities to grow, and part of that growth means accepting that there are certain things we cannot change. When we hold on to or obsess about the things we cannot change, we lose ourselves. When we let go, we free our hearts, minds, and bodies for something even greater. When I cleared that space in my heart, so many wonderful things started coming my way. Let something or someone toxic that you’ve been holding on to go.”

Demi dancing to a song Midnight Memories by 1D (x)


Let It Go - Idina Menzel/Demi Lovato; The left ear is the official studio version featured in the movie Frozen by Idina Menzel while the right ear is the official studio version by Demi Lovato.

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At this point, there is nary a female celebrity who hasn’t made an appearance in a Taylor Swift Instagram. The 24-year-old superstar is friends with all kinds: models and movie stars, moms and teenagers, fellow musicians and felines. She lunches with Reese and crafts with Hailee; she FaceTimes with Selena and parties with Jaime. This weekend alone, Swift stopped by Lena Dunham’s Saturday Night Live after-party the night before roaming the streets of N.Y.C. with Lorde. (And this was just a few days after road-tripping in California with Karlie Kloss!)
In order to make sense of the Swift-ian social web, we decided to break things down, high-school-cafeteria style. We present: the illustrated guide to Taylor Swift’s BFFs. We have our Homecoming Queens: the prim, proper, gorgeous stars whom Swift can count on for an emergency cupcake-baking session or a spontaneous dance party. We have our Rebels, whom Swift turns to when she’s feeling dangerous (keep in mind: for Swift, “dangerous” just means, like, wearing a beanie). Then there are the Hipsters, with whom Swift can confidently rock her aviators and plaid. Miley, J. Law, Katy, Carrie, and Tina comprise our Frenemies, all of whom—to varying degrees—have had icy relationships with Swift. And lastly, we have our Cool Moms, none of whom has ever had a lunch that didn’t involve a second glass of sauvignon blanc. (x)


Omg do y’all remember that 5 minute show on disney called As The Bell Rings with Demi Lovato?