Nina Dobrev and Lana Del Rey at Coachella 2014. (April 12)

  • Paul: My first day of directing, there was a gift in my dressing room. It was from Nina. Nina, tell them what it was!
  • Nina: I basically wrote Paul a letter saying: "After half a decade, we've come so far and been through so much, so I wanted to give you a little gift to remind you where it all began... and what's most important."
  • Nina: So, he unwrapped the gift, and it was...
  • Paul: A giant painting of Nina's face.
  • Paul: And now it's hanging up in my dressing room.
  • Nina: It was just a joke.
  • Paul: No, it was awesome!

Paul is describing how they deal with filmmaking challenges during filming (PaleyFest 2014)

Nina Dobrev at  PaleyFest (March 22, 2014)


Nian at PaleyFest (March 22)


nina dobrev at paleyfest | march 22, 2014


But they’re totally not together.

I mean Ian stared at Nina’s boobs the entire time, in a friendly way.

They played footsie, in a friendly way. 

They touched each other so gently and lovingly, but in a friendly way

Nina looked Ian up and down when he said he’d take off his shirt, in a friendly way.

Ian said Nina was strong when asked about Elena ripping Damon’s shirts off. 


nina dobrev signing at the paleyfest

nina dobrev arrives the airport